Top News - Volume 1, Number 2

China Digital Earthquake Observation Networks Project
Passed the Acceptance Inspection

Top news China Digital Earthquake Observation Networks Project has passed the acceptance inspection in Beijing on April 11, 2008. The fulfillment of the project has upgraded the capacity of national earthquake observation with enhancing rapid earthquake intensity reporting and strong motion mobile observation in big cities, and has improved the ability of the emergency commanding linkage and emergency information sharing.

Consigned by National Development and Reform Commission, the acceptance inspection meeting was organized by China Earthquake Administration (CEA). The experts group was composed of 19 experts coming from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. After watching the project presentation, documentary film and long-distance demonstration, the experts group considered that the project construction meeted specified design requirement and standards, and approved the project pass the acceptance inspection unanimously.

According the introduction by Prof. Chen Xinlian from Institute of Earthquake Science, the project is made up of 6 components (3 networks and 3 systems): a precursor network, a digital earthquake measure network, a digital strong earthquake network, a fault detecting system, an earthquake emergency commanding system, and an earthquake information system. The project has greatly enhanced the density of earthquake premonitory, observation and strong motion stations in whole country, with 0.4 precursor earthquake, 0.88 earthquake, and 1.2 strong earthquakes for per 10,000 square kilometer, 95% of the monitoring equipment being digitized, the shortened rapid report time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. The magnitudes determine limit was improved from 4.5 to 2.5 and reached 1.5 in the primary populous city, 1.0 in 6 volcano region.

Chen Jianmin who is the general director of CEA said, the project has provided the firm foundation for the realization of a digital, networking, and integrated earthquake prevention and disaster preparedness system. The landmark event marked China came to new stage on earthquake prevention and disaster preparedness.

Established in July 2001, launched in June 2004, China Digital Earthquake Observation Networks Project related to 31 province and part of surrounding country, with RMB 2.28 billion investments. It is a largest earthquake prevention and disaster preparedness project in China.