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2017/08/16   20:51:25.0 28.69 N 127.94 E 180 5.7   NORTHWEST OF RYUKYU ISLANDS
2017/08/15   11:58:15.6 45.42 N 124.75 E 7 4.5   NORTHEASTERN CHINA
2017/08/14   19:26:01.9 41.29 N 83.74 E 7 4.5   SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA
2017/08/14   00:51:24.4 10.75 S 74.35 W 10 5.7   CENTRAL PERU
2017/08/13   11:08:12.5 3.55 S 101.69 E 40 6.6   SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
2017/08/12   05:45:09.7 16.47 S 73.45 W 30 5.6   NEAR COAST OF PERU

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ISC EC & GC members meet in Cape Town

Every other year the ISC Executive Committee (normally seven appointed members) and the ISC Governing Council (representatives of all member institutions, presently 57) meet during either IUGG or IASPEI Assemblies. This time the IASPEI meeting took place very early in the year in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  ISC EC & GC members meet in Cape Town
ISC EC & GC members meet in Cape Town

IASPEI 2009: Rhythm of the Earth (Cape Town, South Africa)

On behalf of IASPEI Bureau, I would like to thank all of you for your participation in this memorable Assembly ĘC I know that some of you are from very remote places, most of you are from another hemisphere. Especially, we would like to extend our thanks to our African colleagues - we hope and believe that seismology in Africa will have more and more contributions not only to regional sustainability but also to global geo-science.

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  2009 Scientific Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa
2009 Scientific Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa

About the WDC system

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Data constitute the raw material of scientific understanding. Scientific data gathering has a long history. Chinese and other peoples chronicled information about solar and auroral activity in past millennia. The World Data Center system works to guarantee access to solar, geophysical and related environmental data. It serves the whole scientific community by assembling, scrutinizing, organizing and disseminating data and information.

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Feature article in the E-Newsletter

Response Changes of Wells in the Mainland Subsurface Fluid Monitoring Network of China, Due to the Chi-Chi Earthquake
                        - Fuqiong HUANG et. al.

Feature article About 60 hydrologic changes in response to the Chi-Chi earthquake with Ms7.6 on September 21, 1999, occurred in 52 wells, including groundwater level, temperature, discharge rate, well pressure and radon, etc., in the subsurface fluid monitoring network. These response changes were mainly co-seismic, but some pre- and post-earthquake changes occurred mainly within 5 days before and after the Chi-Chi earthquake. The response changes of different wells clustering in different tectonic areas showed different features.

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